ProtectEar USA Inc.

ProtectEar USA distributes dB Blocker custom hearing protection.  dB Blockers have been the choice of knowledgeable American buyers of custom ear plugs for over 20 years. The custom dB Blocker hearing protectors are custom molded to your ear for more effective prevention of noise-induced hearing loss than disposable earplugs. Learn More.

Sound Advice

Check out the Sound Advice Blog. We keep our customers and partners informed on updates where custom hearing protection and hearing loss prevention is concerned. Why? Because we understand that things are not CLEAR when you can’t HEAR!


Not only do dB Blocker custom molded ear plugs provide superior hearing protection compared to disposable ear plugs, they also cost less to use as well. Learn More


We will deliver a defect-free product to our customers on time, every time. Guaranteed.  Learn More

Hearing Conservation

We are the experts in Hearing Protection because hearing conservation is our only business. Learn More

dB Blockers™ Fights Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Hearing loss affects many sectors and industries. We have explored Manufacturing Plants, Food Processing plants, Security, Mining, Construction and many others.

Only dB Blockers™ have proven results for effectively eliminating noise-induced hearing loss.  We participated in a study with a company that obtains 90 plants and approximately 9,000 employees and found that after fitting with dB Blockers, used in conjunction with an effective hearing conservation program, noise-induced hearing loss was virtually eliminated. Learn More. 

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