There are 5 steps to successfully implement a dB Blocker™ Hearing Protection Program.

  • Implementation Agreement
  • Ear Mold Impression Taking
  • dB Blockers™ Heaing Protection Training and Implementation
  • Adjustment
  • Program Supervision Maintenance

In order to get the most benefit from a dB Blocker™ hearing protection program, we recommend your company adopts implement policies which support the decision. Just ask us. We’d be happy to share our knowledge.

Transition from current hearing protection to dB Blocker™:

When a dB Blocker™ hearing protection program is introduced, associates do not yet have a habit of bringing their dB Blockers™ to work. If disposable earplugs are easily obtainable, the associate will continue with that hearing protection simply because they do not have their dB Blocker™ custom made earplugs with them. The associate must be encouraged to develop the dB Blocker™ habit. To do that, you might want to consider methods of positive reinforcement for dB Blocker™ custom earplug wearing like contests for the associate who forgets them the least, posters to remind the workers of the new hearing protection standard, and reinforcement by supervisors supporting the “we only wear dB Blockers™ now” program.

How to supervise a dB Blocker™ implementation:

Buy in from the supervisors is essential to getting the hearing protection program implemented quickly and effectively. If ensuring your associates wear their dB Blockers™ earplugs is a priority for your supervisors, in the initial stages of the program, implementation will be successful. If it is not, the associates will gauge the priority the company places on the program from the supervisors. Training and perhaps a contest to see which division within the company implements their dB Blocker™ hearing protection program best should be considered.

How do workers receive and get comfortable with dB Blockers™:

The manner in which dB Blockers™ custom made earplugs are initially worn, impacts the first impression the associate has of the program and the protection. We will instruct the associate about the correct way to implement their dB Blockers™ earplugs when they are custom fitted and when they are delivered to them. Still, it is our experience that some of your associates will:

  • Forget to lubricate and therefore suffer implementation discomfort and stop wearing them.
  • Lose their dB Blockers™ earplugs and not advise anyone to re-order them.
  • Have seal breaking problems or discomfort and stop wearing them rather than advise us so we can adjust them under our FitRight™ Guarantee.
  • Injure their dB Blockers™ earplugs and need replacements under our product warranty.