The Smartest Hearing Protection in the World

ProtectEar USA is the Exclusive Licensed Provider of dB Blockers custom fit hearing protectors ProtectEar USA exclusively distributes products developed by North America’s largest personalized industrial hearing protection manufacturer, Custom Protect Ear. Custom Protect Ear manufactures the following products:

dB Blockers™ 

dB Blockers™ offer “The Smartest Hearing Protection in the World” especially where interpersonal communication is required. View dB Blockers.

dB Com™ 

dB Com™ provides custom fit hearing protection that allows for two-way communication which fits the individual to their work environment, reducing the harmful frequencies they’re exposed to to dB Com™ provides a communication link between dB Blockers and communication radios that allows for two-way communication which fits the, individual to their work environment and eliminates the harmful frequencies they might otherwise be exposed to. View dB Com.

dB Life™ 

Personal dB BlockersWith dB Life™, conversations become clearer and more engaging; music reveals background sounds and layering; and a good night’s sleep goes uninterrupted. View dB Life.

FitCheck Solo™ 

FitCheck Solo is ProtectEar’s newest product and is the only Field Attenuation Estimating System (FAES). FitCheck Solo is the latest and most accurate tool in the fight against noise induced hearing loss. View FitCheck Solo.