FitRight™ Guarantee

We’ll say it again. Your dB Blockers™ custom fit earplugs MUST be comfortable or you don’t pay for them. That’s our promise to you. Because if your hearing protection isn’t comfortable, you will probably not wear them. Which defeats the whole purpose behind an effective hearing conservation program.

FitRight™ Warranty

You can return your dB Blockers™ for full credit any time within 90 days of receiving them if we cannot make them comfortable enough for you to wear. ProtectEar USA works with the hearing protection manufacture, Custom Protect Ear, to ensure comfortable hearing protection products.

dB Blockers earplugs come with a 90 day FitRight™ Warranty. We  will correct any discomfort or seal breaks within this period of time or refund your money if you’re not 100% comfortable. That is our  promise to you. This warranty also applies if your protectors break seal when you chew, turn your head, or yawn. To claim under this warranty, call your representative or contact us.

Toll-free: Call us about a ProtectEar USA Product or Click the link, Fill in your request and we’ll call you! 1-800-520-0220 ext 310