How ProtectEar USA Molded Earplugs Are Used In Various Industries

Specializing in personalized hearing protection, Protect Ear USA has helped many individuals in various industries. Protect Ear USA provides personalized industrial earplugs that matters to both, the individual as well as the organization, because of the benefits that proper hearing protection can offer. dB Blockers custom molded earplugs are commonly used in the following industries and environments:


In almost all environments communication is important. dB blockers custom molded earplugs not only protect an individuals hearing, the vented filter also allows  for the individual to hear through them.  dB Blockers are the only industrial earplugs you can still hear through. Learn more

Two Way Communication

The dB Blocker headsets devices provide clear 2-way conversations in even very high levels of noise. Learn more about the different types of headsets available. Learn More

Music Industry 

Protect Ear USA makes dB Blockers hearing protectors for musicians that have a custom molded earpiece adds comfort and further reduces harmful frequencies. Learn More


The dB Blocker molded earplug provides discreet hearing protection where conversation is imperative. It is ideal for use in loud, crowded environments. Allows you to hone in on conversation, providing clarity without the distraction of environmental background noise. Perfect for the hospitality and air travel industries where noise and communication are issues. Learn More