The Cost of Noise

If your workplace is loud enough to require hearing protection then your business is under attack.

  • – Your productivity is being seriously impacted.
  • – Your cost of goods are rising from mistakes.
  • – You’re spending at least $310/year for every employee in your hearing conservation program.
  • – Your Risk Management costs are rising
  • – Hearing protection alone is costing you $150/person/year.
  • – And on top of it all your supervisors are probably spending an extra 30 minutes a day trying to communicate in noise – @ $30.00/hour

that’s almost $4,000/year. You do the Math!


What is the Cost of Noise

All of this is the Cost of Noise. The Cost of Noise is hearing loss, productivity and risk management. Cost-of-Noise-

The cost of noise saps productivity and adds expense to companies.  Reduce or control the cost of noise and profits will flow straight to the bottom line.  It is a competitive advantage and many companies have recognized it. So if you and your company want to do something about the cost of noise? There’s a cure. We challenge you to take our dB Blockers to prove we can reduce your cost of noise.

What are dB Blockers

dB Blockers and they’re the smartest hearing protection in the world.  Why smart? Inside each dB Blocker there is a little green filter, which filters out industrial noise and enhances speech. And it is also really a  communication device. You wear these to protect your hearing and they’ll let you hear people talking to you.


So you’re probably thinking

  •  Smart hearing protection that’s also…
  •  A communication enhancement device that will…
  •  Save the us from making mistakes and…
  •  Reduce our cost of noise…
  •  Will cost a lot..

Well most of this is right except for the last point. dB Blockers actually cost less to use than cheap throw away disposable earplugs.  Don’t believe me?  Challenge us to prove it? 

Send us an email at  with the subject line:  Challenge us to show you how dB Blockers can reduce the ‘Cost of Noise’ for your enterprise!

I dare you.

~ Jeffrey Goldberg, Custom Protect Ear.