dB Blockers™ are superior hearing protection that is much less expensive to use than disposable earplugs or muffs. The purchase cost for disposable earplugs is usually 40¢/day (4 x 10¢/pair) $2.00/week – $100/year – at least 3 times the cost to use dB Blockers™!

The cost of use for dB Blockers™ is lower because dB Blockers last for 5 years. Let us show you how using dB Blockers can cut the cost of hearing protection and give your associates better protection.
Custom Hearing Protection dB Blockers vs. Ear Plugs

dB Blockers™ vs. Disposable Plugs

Advantages to dB Blockers™

• Associates love to wear them because each employee is personally fit– eliminating ear pressure & pain.
• Are hearing protection you can hear through, keeping the protectors in the ear.
• Increase safety allowing associates to hear and localize warning sounds.
• Are made with SkinSoft™ hypoallergenic, non-flammable medical grade silicone.

Disadvantages to Disposable Earplugs

• Fit cannot be tailored to the wearer – protection may not be adequate but you won’t know
• Removal of the earplug is required to communicate
• Wearers are prone to ear infections, pain and discomfort from extended wearing
• Product swells when in contact with water or perspiration
• Made with potentially flammable materials

 EdB Blocker- Custom Hearing Protection You Can Hear Throughliminate your associates’ noise induced hearing loss

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