Hearing Protection for light commercial and industrial environments

The following hearing protection devices are recommended to wear in a light commercial or industrial environment where there is moderately high noise exposure from 85 decibels to 95 decibels.  We included the dB Blocker™ hearing protection and the dB Com™  Communication Devices.

dB Blocker™ Hearing Protection

dB Blocker™ Convertible Hearing Protection

dB Blocker™ Convertible Non- Vented

dB Blocker Non Vented Offers the same protection as the Classic Non-Vented, but has a removable cord. It is particularly suited for industrial applications where there is high air movement (wind noise) which may cause a whistle in the vent. Item No. 10026
NRR Noise Frequency

dB Blocker™ Convertible Vented

dB Blocker Convertible vented Offers the convenience of a detachable cord and a filtered vent for interpersonal communication. Attaches easily to various radio cords for seamless integration with radios. Item No 10008

NRR Noise Frequency 2

dB Blocker™ Convertible-Y Vented (single)

dB Blocker Convertible Y vented

Your radio connects directly to this earpiece eliminating missed calls. The additional Y vent lets you hear people and things around you while connected to your radio. Item No. 10039

dB Blocker™ Convertible Intercanal

dB Blocker™ Classic Intercanal Non-Vented

dB Blocker Classic Intercanal non vented  Solid Intercanals were designed for persons who work in and out of noise. They are ideal for executives and supervisors who visit the factory floor infrequently and do not need to communicate while in a noisy workplace. Item No. 10083
noise frequency NRRA

CSA Class B & BL Grade 3

dB Blocker™ Classic Intercanal Vented

dB Blocker Classic Intercanal Vented Vented Intercanals were designed for persons who need to converse and work in and out of noise. Enhances communications with other workers in a noisy workplace. Item No. 10070
Noise Frequency NRA

dB Blocker™ Discreet

dB Blocker™ Discreet Vented

dB Blocker Discreet vented Discreet hearing protection where conversation is also required. Used in hospitality and air travel where noise is an issue. Item No. 11005
Noise Frequency NRA

dB Blocker™ Discreet Non Vented

dB Blocker Discreet Non Vented Solves one of the most important health issues facing many people today – lack of deep, uninterrupted sleep. Specially designed to be comfortable in any sleeping position. Phosphorescent, so they glow in the dark.

Noise NRRA

dB Com™ Communication Devices

dB Com™ Shoulder Speaker Microphone

dB Com Shoulder MicrophoneHas a jack that allows incoming audio to be transmitted to a speaker button on a Communicate Ear dB Blocker™ or through our UltraLite to a Convertible dB Blocker™ or Filtered Covert earpiece. This Microphone has a pigtail specific to each radio. Radio make and model are necessary in order to supply the correct microphone. Item No.’s 80000, 80002, 80003, 80004, 80005, 80006

dB Com™ Ultralite

dB Com Ultralight Is an excellent product to take radio communication directly to the ear. This minute over-the-ear communication cord set provides clear, reliable sound. It optimizes discretion for surveillance while maximizing clarity. Ideal for moderate noise situations where rugged, reliable communications are required. UltraLite is highly recommended for General Policing, Security, Emergency Response Teams, light industrial applications, and anywhere dependable response is necessary between communicators. Connects with either a 2.5mm or 3.5mm right angle jack into a speaker microphone or radio output jack. Uses either a Filtered Covert or the Convertible-Y Vented earpiece below. Length 22″ relaxed and 32″ extended. Moderate noise is    noise below 100dB. Item No’s 80011 – 80013, Communicate Ear™ No. 12001, Convertible-Y Vented No. 10037

dB Com™ Palm Microphone

dB Com™ Palm MicrophoneDiscreet handheld microphone for use in standard radio communication or surveillance with 2-way radio. Can be used with any Covert earpiece for surveillance or a Convertible-Y Vented earpiece or a Communicate Ear™ in noise. We can fit almost any radio with a Palm Microphone; we just need to know the make and model of the radio so we can choose your connector. The Palm Microphone has a jack that allows incoming audio to be transmitted to either a speaker button on a Communicate Ear™ or through our Ultralite to either a Filtered Covert or Convertible-Y Vented earpiece. Item No. 80014 – 80020

dB Com™ X-Treme Headset (Intrinsically Safe)

dB Com™ X-Treme Headset (Intrinsically Safe)For I/S 2-way radio communication (see X-Treme Headset for features). Currently available for Motorola HT 750 radios, Com, Kenwood and M/A Comm radios (specific models only). Item No. 80062