Personalized Hearing Protection for Manufacturing Companies

In the era of J.I.T Six Sigma and ISO, the manufacturing process must be precise. Foreign manufacturers are becoming better at meeting the needs of North American market. Margins are tightening, but curtailing imports from China or India will just drive importers to other markets. Fact is, the cost of what you make must be competitive. And to do that, the cost of your goods must be as low as possible and mistakes must be kept to a minimum. Which means, you need to invest in allowing your workers to be as productive as possible.

Precise Manufacturing
dB Blockers for general distribution

Specializing in personalized hearing protective, Custom Protect Ear (CPD) has helped many manufacturing companies overcome their performance limitations and safety concerns. We start by assessing the noise levels and working conditions each person faces. then we determine the best protectors for the individual and make appropriate recommendations for optimal productivity, protection, and comfort.

To avoid costly time loss errors or omissions, your workers must be able to perform at their best at all times. Therefore, communication in your factory needs to be perfect. Studies by the U.S. Army have show that communication degradation by only 25% can multiply the number of miscommunications 37 fold and increase task-related errors from 0 to 8%.

CPE’s dB Blockers allow interpersonal and radio communication to be clearly exchanges while keeping your workers protected. Without the stress of misunderstandings or inadequate, ill-fitting protectors, they can remain focused and sharper on their tasks, reducing slip-ups and increasing productivity.

Managing Healthcare Costs in the Manufacturing Industry

Looking after your workers also helps manage healthcare costs. According to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, noise induced hearing loss is the number one workplace illness in America, affecting some 30 million workers. With healthcare costs representing the largest and fastest rising cost faced by U.S. manufacturers, the loss your employees’ hearing is not something you can afford.

But by having your workers properly protected by CPE, you can rise above all these challenges, enabling your operations to run smoothly and efficiently. Without the stress of noise, mistakes can be avoided. So you can compete more easily against foreign manufacturers.

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