Improving Productivity in Metal Manufacturing

As a manufacturer in North America, staying competitive and profitable at the same time has never been more difficult. While you have to adhere to regulations designed to keep your workforce safe, your foreign competitors don’t, which unfortunately squeezes your margins. So t keep your factory open and profitable, you need to concentrate on improving productivity.

Specializing in personalized hearing protections, Custom Protect Ear (CPE) has helped many metal machining and fabricating operations overcome their productivity limitations and safety concerns.

For your workers to stay on top of their game, they need to be able to communicate interpersonally or by radio while remaining protected. Whether they’re monitoring controls, part of the production process or working with machinery, CPE’s dB PEDAL TO TO METAL

Blockers allow them to keep in touch. Keeping your workers’ hearing protected also reduces the stresses of noise, heat and atmosphere that affect their productivity.

Worker Protection with ProductivitydB Blockers for the machine industry

Machinist and maintenance people need to hear their machinery sound a certain way to ensure that it is running properly, so they don’t often wear their earplugs correctly. Without the proper defines though, they become prone to hearing damage which hinders their ability to detect a machine’s problems before it breaks down, resulting in costly consequences. But dB Blockers provide your workers the complete protection and audible range needed efficiently doing their job.

Worker Safety in Metal Manufacturing

Because dirty hands come into contacts with ears to adjust ill-fitting protecters, workers develop ear infections. But dB Blockers fit perfectly and come in with a convenient handle (The Grip) for clean, easy insertion and removal. For welders, disposable earplugs are not only inadequate but but also dangerous as they melt, and even burn when hot slag hits them. Fortunately, unlike foam earplugs, dB blockers don’t burn or cause machinery breakdowns by blocking critical systems.  They fit better than muffs for those with glasses or facial hair. And as they’re not disposable, they don’t end up littering the parking lot.

With your workers’ hearing properly protected by dB Blockers, you can rise above all these challenges. This should help ensure that your operation stay competitive and profitable in the market place.

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