dB Blocker™ Metal Detectible Com (Y-Vented)

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MD Com Y Vented hearing protector (earplug) for food based and pharmaceutical industries where radio connectivity and interpersonal communication in noise is required. The MD Com dB Blocker™ Y Vented is heat and cold resistant and has been successfully tested with a wide range of metal detection equipment. The MD Com dB Blocker™ is ideal hearing protection enabling communication while remaining metal detectible compliant.

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Vented Metal Detectible dB Blocker™ Benefits


Most hearing damage arises when an ear plug is removed for conversation and comfort. Metal Detectible dB Blockers™ are made to fit the individual’s ear exactly and stay in place without applying pressure to the ear, so comfort is not an issue. This gives the worker a product that provides effective hearing protection and stays in the ear all day long.


Vented Metal Detectible dB Blockers™ contain a proprietary frequency-tuned filter that enhances interpersonal communication. In fact, people can communicate in noise better while wearing their dB Blockers™ than if they were to remove them. They can also be integrated with radio communication devices. Whether you’re using a radio or talking interpersonally, the dB Blocker™ will stay in one place – the ear. If radio communication is needed, an additional vent can be added to the protector to be used for radio connectivity.


With a comfortable fit and the ability to communicate with a dB Blocker™ in place, workers will comply with your Hearing Loss Prevention Program. As well, Vented Metal Detectible dB Blocker™ ear pieces are permanently attached to a lanyard. Both protectors and the lanyard are detectible should they break or fall into the process. Cold temperatures will not make them brittle, and they are also heat resistant. These features provide workers with an efficient hearing protection device suitable for all food and pharmaceutical manufacturers and processors.


dB Blockers™  are much less expensive to use than disposable earplugs or muffs. You can save up to 60% over 5 years on a program when an entire facility is fit. The cost per month for dB Blockers™ is lower because you can wear them for 5 years. Ask us to show you how dB Blockers™ can be a cost effective solution for your hearing protection needs.

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