dB Blocker™ Grip Non-Vented

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dB Blocker Grip

dB Blocker Grip Non Vented

The new dB Blocker Grip innovative design targets industries where dirt, grime and larger hands may be an issue. The new Grip’s non-slip integrated handle is formed in a single piece of dB Blocker silicone in order to deliver hassle-free ease of insertion and removal. Each ear piece carries the serial number identity of the wearer and provides an ‘R’ for right and ‘L’ for left for easy recognition. dB Blockers


The Grip re-design now supports dB Com radio connectivity eliminating the need to remove ear protection to hear incoming radio communication.

dB Blocker Grip Attenuation

dB Blocker™ Grip Non-Vented

The cord detaches easily for safety around machinery, while the vent enables conversation in noise.

Offers the highest degree of protection in all frequencies.

Blocker™ Grip - Non-Vented

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