dB Com™ Shoulder Speaker Microphone (Intrinsically Safe)

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The Shoulder microphones connect to a 2-Way radio and allow the user to hear incoming audio from a speaker in the unit. As well, they have a “key” on the side of the unit which allows the speaker to be switched to a microphone and the radio switched to speaking for outgoing messages. Most Shoulder Microphones also have a female jack in them in either 2.5mm, 3.5mm or both. If a speaker Receiver
Button is plugged into either of these jacks the incoming audio is transferred from the speaker in the microphone to the externally plugged in speaker in Receiver Button. Every radio has a unique connection to a compatible Shoulder microphone. For this reason the make and model of the radio is necessary in order for ProtectEar USA to provide the correct microphone. Connections to both the Convertible and Communicate Ear are made either directly to the radio (via a long cord) or through Shoulder Microphones.


The Shoulder Microphone has a jack that allows incoming audio to be transmitted to a speaker button on a Communicate Ear dB Blocker™ or through our UltraLite to a Convertible dB Blocker™ or Filtered Covert earpiece. This Microphone has a pigtail specific to each radio. Radio make and model are necessary in order to supply the correct microphone.

Recommended Uses

  • Any industrial application where radio communication is required
  • Police / fire / security
  • Workplace – Plant Floor
  • Warehouses
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