Hearing Protection for Public Security Organizations

When there’s an emergency and lives are in danger, there’s no time to lose. Your officers’ response must be immediate and effective. Their knowledge of the situation allows them to act not only quickly, but also sensibly. With the public’s and your officers’ lives on the line, your officers need to be able to communicate and hear properly to be most effective. It’s time to invest in what’s best for them.

Specializing in personalized hearing protection, Custom Protect Ear (CPE) has helped many public security organizations, including E-Comm and the Toronto Police Service, overcome their hearing and communication challenges and safety concerns.

Hearing Protection that Allows Radio CommunicationdB Blockers for the public safety industry

A key component to effective radio communication requires determining how it connects to the ear. dB Blockers connect radio communication to the ear more effectively than anything else available. Our proprietary and patented covert earpiece protects your officers from hearing damage by limiting the volume of incoming radio output reaching the ear. When communication in noise is the issue, the filtered dB Blocker separates and enhances speech from background noise. Even in a noisy nightclub, officers can hear each other and the people they’re talking to more clearly. In the event of an aggressive situation, our connection cables are made to endure. Stronger than steel, they’re lined with Kevlar, so they don’t tear or break easily. They’re also designed to fit under helmets and discreetly around the ear, making them wearable and functional. regardless of the other gear being worn.

Custom Fit Hearing Protection

As they’re custom fit, SWAT team members don’t have to worry about their communications gear falling out of their ears. This keeps their hearing protected from gunfire and enables them to stay in communication with each other. And because we retain every employee’s custom moulding for five years, lost protectors can be quickly replaced. Workers can also get another pair make from the same mould for when they practice at the shooting range, since the levels of harmful noise there differ from the levels they’re exposed to on the job.

With your officers’ hearing protected by dB Blockers, you can rise above all these communication challenges, enabling you to answer the call for help promptly and efficiently while instilling public safety and confidence.

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