Double Protection Smart Muff For High Noise Environments

 Product Variances: Headband (HB), Helmet Mount (HM), Behind the Neck (BTN)

SDP - Double Hearing Protection System with db Blockers

Sensear’s industry-changing SENS™ technology simultaneously combines speech enhancement with noise suppression in custom hearing protection technology to deliver a total high noise communications and protection solution by recognizing the different properties of speech and background noise.

The SDP enables users to communicate via two-way radio, Bluetooth cell phone and Ear Muff to Ear Muff (up to distances of 50 meters) in extreme noise environments (up to 120dB) whilst enjoying double hearing protection. The SDP is powered by Sensear’s ground breaking SENS™ (speech enhancement, noise suppression) technology that isolates and enhances speech whilst suppressing dangerous background noise. SENS™ technology ensures background noise is lowered to a safe level while retaining the natural qualities of the sound so the user retains awareness of their surroundings.

Featuring a rugged design, for heavy duty and general use, the SDP is a unique combination of Sensear’s Smart Plug and Smart Muff products. So now you can communicate clearly and stay protected in extreme noise environments with the Sensear SDP.

Hearing Protection and Communication in High Noise Environments

The SDP Advanced Smart Muff is commonly used in the Industrial Sectors environments such as:


SDP Advanced SENS TechnologyProduct Features Sensear Advances SDP2

  • Enhances speech and suppressed background noise
  • Effective Face-to-face communication in up to 95 dB of noise
  • Two-way Radio and cell phone communication in up to 120dB
  • Durable and lightweight design. Simple adjustments
  • Protects against impact, intermittent and continuous noise
  • 360° awareness – speech and noise direction recognition
  • Connects to most existing two-way radios • Maximum noise exposure to the ear of 82 dB
  • Built-in rechargeable battery delivers 12+ hours talk time – usually good for up to 18 hours.

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