Noise-cancelling & noise suppressing hearing protection

July 26, 2016

What is noise-cancelling & noise suppressing hearing protection?

You need to wear hearing protection for your work or activity that exposes you to noises loud enough to cause hearing loss. What do you do if you still need to hear voices, instructions or other sounds that are needed for you to work or do your activity safely? Is it necessary to remove your hearing protection in order to hear the lower decibel sounds of conversations?

What is noise-cancelling hearing protection all about?

First let’s get an understanding of how you can cancel out sounds. The principal of creating an opposing or inverse sound wave that cancels out the harmful sounds is used. This is different then noise-blocking or sound –reducing hearing protection that absorbs the sound, blocking it from damaging the ear.

Noise-cancelling devices actually use advanced technology that adapts to your noise environment. Inverse sound waves work when an opposite sound wave or opposite negative sound wave to the harmful noise is produced which then cancels out the harmful sound wave.


Choosing the best noise-cancelling hearing protection for you.

You will want to choose the correct hearing protection device that will afford you the proper protection based upon what harmful noises you are exposed to. Questions that you should ask yourself are:

  • Are you exposed to low or high frequencies sounds?
  • How high a decibel level are you exposed to?
  • How long are you exposed?
  • Do you also need to hear other sounds like instructions or conversations?

You may find that a combination of noise-cancelling,  noise-blocking  and noise suppressing would be most effective for you. This can be used to both absorb some sounds and cancel others.

Choose the best option that will protect your hearing and allow you to function safely and effectively.

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