Choose Rent2Protect™ to obtain dB Blockers™ custom fit earplugs and receive their many benefits, while savings flow directly to the bottom line.

Better Hearing Protection Becomes a Monthly Expense

Usually companies purchase hearing protection on a monthly or “as needed” basis. As the budget year progresses, they may not have the capital to lay out to implement a dB Blocker™ program. With a dB Blocker™ Rent2Protect™ Program, the cost of a dB Blocker™ Hearing Protection Program is rented over a 36 month period. What results is an immediate reduction in the cost of providing hearing protection to your company.

Reduce Your Monthly Expenses

Based on industry statistics, hearing protection costs $75 to $150 per worker per year for companies with good hearing protection programs. With a dB Blocker™ program, annual hearing protection costs will drop. These savings can be put back into the safety budget for additional safety equipment, aging equipment upgrades, or flow straight to the company’s bottom line. We can provide you with a calculation of your precise ROI from implementing dB Blockers™.

Provide the Best Protection

With Rent2Protect™, you are not only getting the most affordable hearing protection on the market, but also the best protection. dB Blockers™ provide the highest attenuation while our FTF™ filters provide discreet filtering which means clear hearing in noise in the speech frequencies.

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