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Sound Advice

From all of us at ProtectEar please have a safe and “quiet” fourth of July. 
How to protect your hearing this Fourth of July

When you think of Independence Day, the first read more

Safety At Work Worksafe
The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) info sheets are designed to inform employers, supervisors, and workers about PPE in general and read more

As International Ear Care Day 2015 just passed,  I’d like to discuss some of the strange ways we treat our precious hearing.
Why do we call our hearing ‘precious’ (is there read more

CPE Products

Not only do dB Blockers provide superior hearing protection than foam plugs, they are more cost effective as well. read more

CPE Process

We will deliver a defect-free product to our customers on time, every time. Guaranteed. read more

CPE Hearing Conservation

We are the experts in hearing protection because hearing conservation is our only business. read more

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Ear Care Hearing loss
What is International Ear Care Day?
It’s an initiative of The World Health Organization to focus attention on read more

International Ear Care Day

Make Listening Safe: Spread the Word
Prevention of blindness and deafness
International Ear Care Day is an annual advocacy event read more

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