Sound Advice

  NIOSH has developed a sound level meter mobile app designed to measure noise exposure in the workplace. The app, available for Apple devices, provides noise exposure metrics that are of “importance read more

ISO 9001 Certified ISO 9001 is a comprehensive quality management system standard. ISO 9001is maintained by ISO, the International Organization for Standardization and is administered by independent accreditation and certification bodies. Some read more

Law Enforcement or Emergency Response Job & Hearing Loss Your job is to help and protect the community in which you live but does your Law Enforcement or Emergency Response job read more

Hearing Protection Devices

Not only do dB Blockers provide superior hearing protection than foam plugs, they are more cost effective as well. read more

Hearing Protection Process

We will deliver a defect-free product to our customers on time, every time. Guaranteed. read more

Hearing Loss Prevention

We are the experts in hearing protection because hearing loss prevention and conservation is our only business. read more

The Latest

How much do you love your hearing and why you should. Of all the five senses it seem that hearing is the most ignored and the most taken for granted. Our read more

DID YOU KNOW… Construction No. 2 industry for hearing loss… A study spanning a decade and incorporating hearing tests of more than 1.4 million American workers found that construction accounted for the read more

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