For over three decades, Custom Protect Ear has been the leader in providing effective, verifiable, and noise. level matched custom hearing protection at a cost lower than disposable earplugs.  To learn more about us, please view our website and download our dB Blocker® Brochure – BROCHURE

We wanted to make it easy for you to work with us and understand our process and why more companies are choosing dB Blockers® as their flagship hearing protection. Check out our dB Blocker® and dB Com® Video’s below:

dB Blockers® - Noise Related Hearing Loss

dB Blockers - Noise Related Hearing Loss

dB Blockers® - Hearing Protection You Can Hear Through

Hearing Protection You Can Hear Through

dB Blockers® - How To Wear Them

dB Blockers - How To Wear Them

dB Blockers® - How We Make Them

dB Blockers - How We Make Them

Sound Advice

After a few months of collaboration and creativity, we would like to present you with our latest Video Collection about Custom Protect Ear and our Innovative products, dB Blockers™, dB read more

Cincinnati — Workers exposed to loud noise on the job are at increased risk for hypertension and high cholesterol – key risk factors for heart disease – according to a read more

Why is job site noise control important? According to OSHA, exposure to high levels of noise can cause permanent hearing loss. Neither surgery nor a hearing aid can help correct this read more

Hearing Protection Devices

Not only do dB Blockers™ provide superior hearing protection than foam plugs, they are more cost-effective as well. read more

Hearing Protection Process

We will deliver a defect-free product to our customers on time, every time. Guaranteed. read more

Hearing Loss Prevention

We are the experts in hearing protection because hearing loss prevention and conservation is our only business. read more

The Latest

Noise-related hearing loss is one of the most common occupational hazards affecting 25% of US workers. It’s the third most prevalent chronic condition in older adults and the most widespread. read more

Hearing loss and accidental injury If you have hearing loss you may be at greater risk of an accidental injury at work or at play, according to a recent study.

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