Just like one size fits all work boots are probably not the best choice, neither is one size fits all hearing protection. Every human ear is unique in size, shape, and depth. Therefore it makes sense that for hearing protection to be the most effective, as well as the most comfortable, it must be custom fit.

Below is a brief video on How we make our dB Blockers. 


Custom Fitting Process

Our custom fitting process usually takes about 10 minutes and typically begins with one of our highly trained experts visiting the customer’s plant or workplace in order to do the fitting on-site.

STEP 1 – Taking an Impression

We begin by first inspecting the ear to make sure it’s safe to take an impression. Then an oto-dam is placed inside the ear to protect the eardrum. Impression material is prepared and carefully injected into the client’s ear. The material hardens quickly, and moments later, the impression is gently removed.

The impression creates an exact replica of the wearer’s ear canal and outer ear. This ensures the dB Blocker seals the ear both in the canal and around the ear. Making every dB Blocker unique to the ear it fits.

Taking an impression

STEP 2 – Manufacturing Process

The process continues at our ISO registered manufacturing facility. Here, we cut, shape, grind and polish the impression to smooth out any roughness. The cast is then filled with SkinSoft™ which is a proprietary blend of medical grade silicones that’s as soft and flexible as living skin.

The right fit also means using the right manufacturing process. Depending on the product, we incorporate both traditional handcrafted manufacturing processes and leading-edge 3D printing technology. Our state-of-the-art labs, enable us to consistently manufacture a custom ear protector personalized to each individual ear from the same flexible medical grade SkinSoft™ silicone.

dB Manufacturing

Step 3 – Quality Control

Finally, the finished dB Blockers are passed to Quality Control. Throughout the process, our top priority is ensuring a comfortable fit, optimum performance, and reliability. Because we know that if your earplugs don’t feel good, you won’t wear them – and that could put your hearing at risk. Custom Protect Ear manufacturing is ISO 9001 certified.

Every pair must meet our exacting standards before being packaged and shipped to the user’s worksite. All dB Blockers come backed by our simple, 90-day “FitRight” Guarantee. If you experience any discomfort or seal breaks within 90 days of receiving your new earplugs, we’ll fix them. We guarantee your comfort!

dB Blocker manufacturer process


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