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For over three decades, Custom Protect Ear has been the leader in providing effective, verifiable, and noise level matched hearing protection at a cost lower than disposable ear plugs.

As North America’s largest personalized industrial hearing protector manufacturer, hearing conservation is our only business.

We do not make hearing aid molds or disposable ear plugs. This exclusivity allows us to devote all of our research and expertise to the innovation of better hearing protection. As a result, we have made significant technological advances in the development of superior hearing protection.

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Serving over 4,500 companies and businesses around the globe, our certified mobile technicians do custom on-site fittings at their industrial sites, or at one of our many associated retail outlets.  Read what our customers are saying!

Custom Protect Ear has a registered ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system in place which ensures CPE delivers the finest and most effective hearing protection available on the market.

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