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About dB Blockers™

“I got my first pair of dB Blocker ear plugs years ago (and still have them) because I worked in very noisy environments and needed to be able to communicate with others and did not want to have to take out my ear plugs or not insert them properly in order to hear others.”

Once I got my dB Blocker plugs I was able to put my plugs in and leave them in as the design allows me to hear others talk while protecting me from the noise that threatened to permanently damage my hearing. I highly recommend this product to employers as the comfort of the plugs means personnel will wear them constantly, their custom molding means they are always inserted correctly and their unique design means that they support productive communications between operational personnel.

Thank you

Robert Day
Licensed Paralegal | Licensed Investigator

About dB Blockers™

“The fit is superb and the service has been outstanding”.

We are a food manufacturing facility with industrial equipment that generates some elevated sounds that cannot always be managed with engineering controls. dB Blockers provide our employees with custom fitted ear plugs that protect our hearing, as well as the integrity of all our products, with the metal detectable features they offer.

Jackie Robinson
Health and Safety Coordinator
Nestle Canada


About dB Blockers™

As a couples’ counsellor, I’m a big believer in the value of getting professional support for one’s relationship.

Sadly, my training had omitted to include the huge importance of good ear plugs in managing a healthy relationship! While my husband and I have been married over forty years, the latter years became increasingly stressful due to snoring – a problem commonly experienced by many couples. Having an extra bedroom to escape to benefitted us and worked while we were at home, but travelling became very problematic. Last year, while contemplating a big trip, I was bemoaning our sleeping plight to a friend. Thankfully she used dB Blocker ear plugs herself and insisted that I get in touch with the great people at Custom Protect Ear. I did, and my husband and I have since done some great travelling. I wear them every night, even at home, and I really do believe that they “Saved Our Marriage!”

Thank you Custom Protect Ear! Given by:

Name & Company Confidential.

About dB Blockers™

I am happy to recommend Custom Protect Ear’s dB Blockers for use by our employees at our plant.

I have had and continue to have the pleasure of working with the Custom Protect Ear (CPE) team for the past two years as we have provided all of our employees with dB Blockers.

Since the initial fitting and subsequent implementation of these ear plugs, we have seen a 100% reduction in employee Standard Threshold Shift’s (STS’s) during our annual hearing surveys, and fully expect this trend to continue on in the future.

The CPE team provided all of the resources needed to fit all of our employees, and future hired employees. Employee’s simply are fitted, and within three weeks their new dB Blockers arrive and are immediately utilized by the employee(s) while working in our production areas, where the average noise level is 92 dB’s.

Without hesitation, I recommend Custom Protect Ear, their team, and the dB Blocker earplugs as a valuable part of your hearing conservation program.


Safety & Environmental Manager
Company Confidential.

About dB Life™

“Two years ago I purchased a pair of dB Blockers Non-Vented due to shift work and a personal need for uninterrupted sleep. Best ear plugs so to speak that I have ever worn”.

I have very small ears so I really needed something tailored to me, that wouldn’t fall out or not fit properly. I went from waking up groggy and upset after sleeping through the day, to actually waking up only to my alarm clock not believing I had slept so long and peacefully. I am a light sleeper, to begin with and these “sleepers”, as they are referred to, really not only saved me from the dreadful task of trying to sleep during the day but also provided comfortable ear protection that really lasts.

My pair of dB Blockers still fit perfectly and I love the fact that I can wash them with ease on a daily basis. When people ask me why I purchased these I reply by saying “you’re never too young to need your beauty sleep.”

Thank you,
Sarah Byers
Shift Worker/Light Sleeper)

We Care about Noise Sensitivity

Brie is a vibrant young girl living with a mild case of autism, and Custom Protect Ear is happy to help her manage her sensitivity to noise. Brie is a proud owner of her own personalized dB Blockers that assist her in coping with noise in her environment.

Brie dB Blockers

“I cannot thank you enough for the custom pieces you made for my daughter’s ears.  

I often ask her how she likes certain books, food, music, shows, etc. and she will respond indifferently with “fine”, “ok” or “meh” – when I ask her how she likes her earplugs she has consistently responded enthusiastically “AMAZING”. She has mentioned independently while at the park or for walks that “those earplugs will be GREAT for assemblies” at school. I didn’t realize how stressful a simple assembly could be in her special condition! Your product has truly made an impact. Looking forward to trying out in a variety of situations “

Michelle (Brie’s Mother)
Vancouver, BC

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