Is Your Hearing Conservation Program Sound? Do you have a proper Hearing Loss Prevention

Only dB Blockers™ have proven results for effectively eliminating noise-induced hearing loss.  We participated with a company with 90 plants and approximately 9,000 employees and found that after fitting with dB Blockers, used in conjunction with an effective hearing conservation program, noise-induced hearing loss was virtually eliminated.

dB Blockers

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“The fit is superb and the service has been outstanding”.

We are a food manufacturing facility with industrial equipment that generates some elevated sounds that cannot always be managed with engineering controls. dB Blockers provide our employees with custom fitted ear plugs that protect our hearing, as well as the integrity of all our products, with the metal detectable features they offer.

~ Jackie Robinson | Health and Safety Coordinator
Nestle Canada


Let your Hearing Loss Prevention Plan benefit from a superior custom hearing protection that will:

  • Protect your at-risk Associates’ hearing
  • Save your company money
  • Improve productivity

Protect Your “At Risk” Associates’ Hearing

As North America’s largest personalized, industrial hearing protector manufacturer, hearing conservation is our only business.

We do not make hearing aid molds or disposable ear plugs. This exclusivity allows us to devote all of our research and expertise to the innovation of better hearing protection. As a result, we have made significant technological advances in the development of superior hearing protection.

Serving over 4,500 companies and businesses around the globe for the past 38 years, our certified mobile technicians do custom on-site fittings at industrial sites or at one of our many associated retail outlets.

hearing loss prevention

Eliminate noise-induced hearing loss in your company.

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