Just like our hearing protectors, our warranties are the best in the business too



dB Blockers® custom hearing devices are warranted for 3 years from the date of manufacture.
It covers any tearing, cracking, or splitting of one or both
custom earpieces.
It does not cover the metal anchor pulling out of the dB Blocker® device or the cord breaking BECAUSE removing your dB Blockers in that manner could damage your ear drum.

Types of Warranties

FitRight™ Warranty

You can return your dB Blockers® for full credit any time within 90 days of receiving them if we cannot make them comfortable enough for you to wear. At Custom Protect Ear we care about our wearer’s hearing protection experience. dB Blockers come with a 90-day. Learn more. 

Product Warranty

dB Blockers custom hearing devices are warranted for 3 years from the date of manufacture. It covers any tearing, cracking, or splitting of one or both custom earpieces. It does not cover the metal anchor pulling out of the dB Blocker™ device or the cord. 

Product Replacement

A question that we often get asked is “How often should I replace my dB Blocker™ Hearing Protectors”? There is no easy answer to that question because it depends on several factors; Learn more. 


To claim under your warranty simply call your area representative with your serial number or name and birthdate.

Tell us which hearing protection device is damaged and how it was damaged. If the hearing protection device is unusable, send it to us while we make you a new one. If you can still use it, we’ll make you a new one, charge the company for it, and credit them when the damaged product is returned.

Please note that we need all defective dB Blockers devices back as part of our ISO 9001 continuous product improvement program.

Replacement Hearing Protectors

In addition to our Product Warranty and FitRight Guarantee, we will also provide a no-charge replacement hearing protector when we:

  • Make an error in the style of the custom earpiece ordered.
  • A custom earpiece we send out is lost in shipping and therefore does not arrive.

We WILL NOT replace a custom earpiece at no charge when:

  • The cord anchor is pulled out of the earpiece
  • An earpiece is destroyed by an animal or machine
  • You lose an earpiece
  • An earpiece is outside of the warranty period.

How do I return your hearing protection product?

If you receive goods that you wish to return to Custom Protect Ear Inc. you must call (see number below) to get an ‘RMA’ (Return Merchandise Authorization).


Mark this number on the outside of the package to be returned. If the returned goods are electronic, they must be returned in their original packaging in good condition. A restocking charge may apply. dB Blockers products replaced under warranty will be resent with a return mail envelope. Simply deposit your defective dB Blockers earpieces into the envelope and send them back to us at:


Custom Protect Ear
681-7789 134th Street
Surrey, British Columbia
Canada  V3W 9E9

Phone: 604-599-1311 
Return Merchandise Authorization Number

How long will my dB Blocker Hearing Protectors last?

dB Blocker hearing protection devices are made from a proprietary medical grade silicone which lasts indefinitely. We have found however that subtle changes in the soft tissue in the ear and changes in the ear cartilage will limit the time they are useful to about 4 to 5 years. If there is a weight change of greater than 10 lbs. a fit may also be compromised.