2-Way Radio


Discreet hand-held microphone for use in standard radio communication or surveillance with 2-way radio. Used with a Convertible earpiece or Communicate EarTM in noise. We can fit almost any radio with a Palm Microphone we just need to know the make and model of the radio. The Palm Microphone has a jack that allows incoming audio to be transmitted to either a speaker button on a Communicate Ear dB BlockerTM or through our Ultralite to either a Filtered Covert or Convertible Y Vented dB BlockerTM earpiece.
Palm Microphone Item No. 80014 – 80020
Communicate EarTM Item No. 12006
Ultralite Item No. 80011 – 80013
Filtered Covert Item No. 12014 – 12021
Convertible-Y Vented Item No. 10037db Blockers for Commercial Lighting


IDEN (Integrated Digital Enhanced Network) phones are the cell phones with 2-way radio direct connection capability built in. Marketed in the U.S. as Sprint/Nextel phones and in Canada as MIKE from Telus Mobility.


Discreet hand-held microphone for use with an IDEN cellular radio. Can be used with a Filtered Covert Earpiece for surveillance or a Convertible-Y Vented earpiece in noise. Most current IDEN phones have a 4-segment 2.5mm right angle connector which plugs into a jack on the phone. Older IDEN phones have a proprietary connector on the bottom of the phone. We will need to know the model number of your IDEN phone to provide the correct Palm Microphone Kit. The Palm Microphone has a jack that allows incoming audio to be transmitted through a Sound Tube to either a Filtered Covert or Convertible-Y Vented earpiece.

Filtered Covert Earpiece Item No. 12014 – 12021
Convertible-Y Vented Earpiece Item No. 10037
Headset for IDEN (Sprint/Nextel or Mike) cell phone Item No. 80021

Cell Phone Adaptor (CPA)

dB Blockers for Commercial Light

CPA (single)

The Industrial Cell Phone Adaptor provides hearing protection and interpersonal communication. It connects to hands-free cell phone headsets with an ear bud and in-line microphone.
CPA Item No. 12006 – 12008

dB Blockers for commercial LightingCONVERTIBLE — NON-VENTED EARPIECES

Offers the same protection as the Classic — Non-Vented, but has a removable cord. It is particularly suited for industrial applications where there is high air movement (wind noise) which may cause a whistle in the vent. Convertible — Non-Vented Item No. 10026


Offers the convenience of a detachable cord and a filtered vent for interpersonal communication. Convertible Vented Item No. 10008


Your radio connects directly to this earpiece eliminating missed calls. The additional Y vent lets you hear people and things around you while connected to your radio.
Convertible-Y Vented Item No. 10039

Interpersonal Communication

dB BlockerTM is a new generation of protection completely effective in blocking out the decibel levels that can cause hearing damage. They use proprietary filters to “squeeze” high and low frequencies to block potentially harmful sound waves. Communication comes through, noise does not.

Radio Connectivity


An excellent product to take radio communication directly to the ear. This minute over-the-ear communication cord set provides clear, reliable sound. It optimizes discretion for surveillance while maximizing clarity. Ideal for moderate noise situations where rugged, reliable communications are required. UltraLite is highly recommended for general policing, security, emergency response teams, light industrial applications, and anywhere dependable response is necessary between communicators. Connects with either a 2.5mm or 3.5mm right angle jack into a speaker microphone or radio output jack. Uses either a Filtered Covert or the Convertible-Y Vented earpiece below. Length 22″ relaxed and 32″ extended. Moderate noise is noise below 100dB.

Ultralite Item No. 80011 – 80013
Filtered Covert Earpiece Item No. 12014 – 12021 Convertible-Y Vented Item No. 10037


dB Blockers for Commercial LightingFor 2-way radio communication in high noise environments. It has a 19dB noise canceling Boom Microphone that decreases background noise to clarify outgoing communication in noise. When used with Convertible-Y Vented dB BlockersTM, incoming communication is clear, and distinguishable. Comes with an in-line Push To Talk (PTT) switch. Can be ordered for a remote PTT switch for almost hands-free operation. We will need to know the model number of your radio, to provide the correct headset.

X-Treme Headset – I/S Item No. 80062

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