When it comes to hearing protection we know the drill

Specializing in personalized hearing protection, Custom Protect Ear  has helped many individuals in various industries. The most common occupational illness for industrial workers is hearing loss.

Immediately noise levels come to mind such as:
GRIP db blocker

  • machinery, operators or equipment
  • close proximity to loud machines
  • the sounds of yelling in a noisy work environment

Hearing loss is 100% preventable and unfortunately, once it occurs, there is no cure. You may not even notice that the damage has occurred right away, because it causes no pain and the damage is not visible.

Industrial dB Blockers

dB Blockers™ custom fit earplugs are more comfortable and offer superior hearing protection to any disposable earplug. However, did you know that they are more cost effective as well? You can reduce your hearing protection costs by 60% over five years when an entire facility is fit. dB Blockers™ are more comfortable because there is only one way for them to fit and they made for each individual.

Our Industrial hearing protection offers the following benefits:

  • Less noise induced stress equals less accidents and absenteeism
  • Comfortable to wear and complys with hearing protection program
  • Enhances hearing and worker awareness to warning sounds and machinery

Hearing Protection for Industrial Workers

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CPE's Level of effectiveness, comfort, fit, and customer service came out above all other hearing protection that we tried.

Mitch Hopping, Director
EHSn Container Board Packaging