No Need to Yell with dB Blockers™

Yelling is not an effective way to communicate in an industrial setting. worker with dB blocker in ear In fact, it often leads to miscommunication that will affect worker safety.  Unlike foam earplugs, dB Blockers™ provides custom hearing protection that you can hear through. Only dB Blockers protect hearing while helping Associates effectively communicate in industrial settings.  Because speech is actually clearer with dB Blockers in place, your company will:

  • Eliminate costly errors
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve communication in the workplace

Hearing Protection That Lets You Communicate

Worker being fit for db BlockersEvery dB Blocker™ is unique to the ear it fits. Our ISO 9001-2008 custom fitting process is the reason why our hearing protection products are considered the best on the planet.  Fittings usually take about 10 minutes and typically begin with one of our highly trained experts visiting your plant or workplace.

Eliminate noise induced hearing loss in your company.  Complete our “Get More Information” form and one of our industrial hearing protection specialists will get back to you to discuss your hearing conservation program goals and recommend a dB Blocker™ model that will exceed your needs.  Or you can call us at 800-520-0220, ext. 321.