Hearing Protection for industrial and heavy commercial environments

The following hearing protection devices are recommended to wear in a light commercial or industrial environment where there is moderately high noise exposure from 96 decibels to 105 decibels.  We included the dB Blocker™ hearing protection and the dB Com™  Communication Devices.

dB Blocker™ Hearing Protection

dB Blocker™ Grip Non-Vented

dB Blocker Grip Non vented The highest degree of protection in all frequencies designed to be easily inserted and removed with larger hands. The protector stays clean because hands never need to touch it. The cord removes for safety around machinery. Item No. 10036




dB Blocker™ Grip Vented

dB Blocker Grip Vented Designed to be easily inserted and removed with larger hands. The cord removes for safety around machinery while the vented protector is better where conversation in noise is required. Item No. 10018




dB Blocker™ Classic Non-Vented

dB Blocker Classic The highest degree of protection in all frequencies. Should also be used where high air movement would create wind noise in the vent. Item No. 10021





dB Blocker™ Classic Vented

dB Blocker Classic Vented A vented and filtered protector for situations where interpersonal conversation in noise is required. Item No. 10003





dB Blocker™ Communicate Ear™ (single)

dB Blocker™ Communicate Ear™ (single)Allows in-ear, 2-way radio reception as well as exceptional hearing protection. Y vented for environmental sounds and radio clarity. Can be connected by a cord to the other dB Blocker™ in the other ear. Item No. 12006


dB Com™ Communication Devices

dB Com™ Shoulder Speaker Microphone

dB Com Shoulder MicrophoneHas a jack that allows incoming audio to be transmitted to a speaker button on a Communicate Ear dB Blocker™ or through our UltraLite to a Convertible dB Blocker™ or Filtered Covert earpiece. This Microphone has a pigtail specific to each radio. Radio make and model are necessary in order to supply the correct microphone. Item No.’s 80000, 80002, 80003, 80004, 80005, 80006


dB Com™ Receiver Button

 dB Com™ Receiver ButtonTransmits the incoming audio from a 2-way radio to a Communicate Ear dB Blocker™ earpiece via an interface cord. item No. 80054

dB Com™ Interface Cord

dB Com™ Interface CordUsed to connect between the Receiver Button and the output jack on the Shoulder Speaker Microphone or directly to the 2-way radio. These cables are Kevlar lined for exceptional tear strength, and Hytrel coated for abrasion resistance to keep them flexible down to -20C (-4F). This cable can be short (15″ relaxed or 30-32″ stretched) for Shoulder Mounted Microphone connections, or long (19″ relaxed or 50-50″ stretched) for connecting directly to a radio output jack. They are available with either 2.5mm or 3.5mm R/A or 3.5mm threaded jacks (for Motorola HT1000 radios). Item No. 80027 – 80031, 80037

dB Com™ Mono “Y” Interface Cord

dB Com™ Mono “Y” Interface CordConnects radio output to two speaker buttons, one in each ear. Hytrel covered and Kevlar lined, length relaxed is 18″ and 40″ extended. Available for both 2.5mm and 3.5mm jacks. Please provide jack port size. Item No. 80032 – 80033





dB Com™ Palm Microphone

dB Com™ Palm MicrophoneDiscreet handheld microphone for use in standard radio communication or surveillance with 2-way radio. Can be used with any Covert earpiece for surveillance or a Convertible-Y Vented earpiece or a Communicate Ear™ in noise. We can fit almost any radio with a Palm Microphone; we just need to know the make and model of the radio so we can choose your connector. The Palm Microphone has a jack that allows incoming audio to be transmitted to either a speaker button on a Communicate Ear™ or through our Ultralite to either a Filtered Covert or Convertible-Y Vented earpiece. Item No. 80014 – 80020