Hearing Protection in the Railway Industry

As a result of a 15 year hiring freeze, railway companies are now left with an alarming shortage of trained dB Blockers for the railway industryworkers. Mass retirements are set to happen in the next five to ten years. Finding and training new workers to replace aging workers has been extremely challenging. Federal regulations give employees the right to sue for hearing loss directly, without having to go through a worker’s compensation claim first. This has given rise to a vigorous industry of lawyers suing on behalf of rail employees. It’s clear you need to invest in what’s best for your workers.

Personalized Hearing Protection for Railway Workers

Specializing in personalized hearing protection, Custom Protect Ear (CPE) has helped railway operations overcome their performance limitations and safety concerns. From the very start, we assess the noise levels and working conditions each person faces. Then we determine the best protectors for the individual and make appropriate recommendations for optimal productivity, protection, and comfort.

We know that railway workers are a particularly diverse group with different responsibilities and different challenges. And they can all experience harmful exposure to noise and communication difficulties. Engineers have low frequency rumble in rail engines and trouble communicating with conductors. Maintenance of Way personnel deal with high frequency noise from steel wheels on the rails. And railway repair and service depots go through the same challenges as manufacturing plants, including impulse noises and machining sounds.

Communication with Protection for Railway Companies

CPE’s dB Blockers allow your workers to hear warning sounds and alarms, and communicate interpersonally and by radio without removing their protectors. They can enhance and directly connect to various communication devices while still providing complete protection. And as they’re moulded from the ears, they fit comfortable for lengthy periods of time, which helps those who work long shifts like trainmen. Those who work in and out of high level noise environments will also be prepared and protected when noise strikes.

With your workers’ hearing properly protected by dB Blockers, you can rise above all these challenges and establish trust and better relations with current and potential workers. That should help ensure a flourishing future for your business.

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