dB Blocker ROI Calculation

Please note all white rectangles must be filled in

Step one: Estimating Your Company's Annual Cost of Hearing Protection per worker.

You have two ways to determine how much you are spending on hearing protection per worker. Either fill in what your company spends annually on hearing protection (all types plugs & muffs) or estimate the number of protectors used per day by each worker and the cost of each set of protectors used.

If the annual cost of hearing protection is unknown enter the costs of the various types of protectors below

Step Two: Determine what the extra costs of dB Blockers will be from turnover & loss.

Fill in the following information. Most likely, this will come from Human Resources

Step Three: Calculating the cost of dB Blockers®

The full cost of Implementing a dB Blocker® program is the initial cost, losses by associates each year, and new fittings necessitated by staff turnover.

Cost per worker per year for dB Blockers®

Step Four: What will the savings be from using dB Blocker®

Savings = Current Cost of hearing protection minus the cost of dB Blockers per worker per yr.

Step Five: Return on Investment Calculation

The Return on Investment from switching from disposable protection to dB Blockers = the Present Value of the savings over 5 years from switching to dB Blockers divided by the purchase price of the dB Blockers.