Hearing Protection for Security in Public Safety

When Hearing Protection and Communication Can Make the Difference Between Life and Death for Security Personnel

Discreet — Vented earpieces

dB Blockers for Public Safety and security

Discreet hearing protection where conversation is also imperative. Ideal for use in loud, crowded environments. Allows you to hone in on conversation, providing clarity without the distraction of environmental background noise. Perfect for the hospitality and air travel industries where noise and communication are issues.

Discreet — Vented Earpiece Item No. 11005

Classic — non-Vented earpieces

The levels of harmful, impulsive noise at a shooting range can cause irreversible hearing damage or loss. Peak sound pressure levels have been tested and shown to have a sound range of 144dB SPL to 172dB SPL when a single firearm is discharged.dB Blockers for security and public safety

Classic — Non-Vented dB BlockersTM provide the highest degree of protection in all frequencies. When hearing is protected, target practice focus improves.

Classic — Non-Vented Earpiece Item No. 10021


A patented communication earpiece that places a 2-way radio speaker in your ear so that the wearer can hear the radio and what is going on around them. The Filtered Covert Earpiece has a proprietary volume-limiting filter to prevent noise overexposure and eventual hearing loss. Its

clear color makes the Filtered Covert Earpiece barely noticeable and its construction makes it virtually indestructible.
Filtered Covert Earpiece Item No. (see chart below)

CONVERTIBLE-Y VENTED EARPIECEdB Blockers for Security and Public Safety

Your radio connects directly to this earpiece eliminating missed calls. The additional Y vent lets you hear people and things around you while connected to your radio. Convertible-Y Vented when combined with the Ultralite, allows the wearer to hear 2-way radio communication in noisy environments.
Convertible-Y Vented Earpiece Item No. 10037


Designed to connect the Receiver Button to
the ear for incoming 2-way radio audio. Also functions as a hearing protector with an NRRa
of 20. This earpiece is Y vented and filtered so that ambient sound (warning signals and alarms) and conversation can also reach the ear at a protected decibel level. The Communicate EarTM is joined with a lanyard to another dB BlockerTM earpiece using a CBC connector.

Communicate EarTM Earpiece Item No. 12006

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