SP2X Advanced SENS Technology Face-to-Face, Two-way Radio Ear Plugs

Smart Plug For High Noise Environments.

SPX Custom Ear Plugs with db Blockers

Sensear’s industry-changing SENS™ technology simultaneously combines speech enhancement with noise suppression to deliver a total high noise communications and protection solution by recognizing the different properties of speech and background noise.

The Smart Plug attaches to Custom Sensear dB Blockers for that personalized hearing protection.

SP2X Advanced Smart Plug Custom Ear Plug Features.

  • In-ear pick up for BlueTooth cellphone
  • Effective face to face communication in up to 95 dB of noise.
  • Small, comfortable and rugged design
  •  In-ear pick up for Two-way radio
  • Light, small and comfortable ear plug design
  • Use with respirators, face masks, helmets and hard hats
  • Data ready

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SP2X Smart Ear Plug with db Blocker from Protect Ear


The new SP2x enables workers to enjoy the benefits of SENS™ technology without the need for a boom mic and it can be used in situations where ear muffs are not suitable.

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