Upcoming Tradeshows

January 2, 2013

The Custom Protect Ear team actively attends ongoing Tradeshow and events in various communities. This is an excellent time to learn more about the dB Suite of Products: dB Blocker, dB Com and dB Life.


January 11-13, 2013 Edmonton Motorcycle Show – Northlands 

January 17-20, 2013 Vancouver Motorcycle Show – Tradex Center 

March 11-13, 2013 – Indiana Safety Show – Indiana Convention Centre 

Plus if you already know about our hearing protection and communication products, and want some of your own. Come to us at our booth and we will do ear impressions right there.


Our custom fitting process usually takes about 10 minutes and typically begins with one of our highly trained experts visiting the customer’s plant or workplace in order to do the fitting on-site.

We begin by first inspecting the ear to make sure it’s safe to take an impression. Then an oto-dam is placed inside the ear to protect the eardrum. Impression material is prepared and carefully injected into the client’s ear. The material hardens quickly, and moments later, the impression is gently removed.

The impression creates an exact replica of the wearer’s ear canal and outer ear. This ensures the dB Blocker seals the ear both in the canal and around the ear. Making every dB Blocker unique to the ear it fits.

See our video to learn how to wear your dB Blockers™


Remember * dB Blockers ™ are the hearing protectors you can hear through. 


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