Snoring keeping you awake?

March 29, 2016

Snoring keeping you awake?

You crawl into bed, snuggle into the covers, tuck your favourite pillow under your head and prepare to nod off into a blissful deep and restful sleep… or… NOT!

Your partner has achieved this goal a few micro-seconds before you and is now deep in sleep and snoring at Snoring 60 – 90 decibels (somewhere between a vacuum cleaner at 70 db and a chainsaw at 100 db!)

Do you resort to softly and politely, shouting in their ear to “Roll Over!”, hoping the change of position may give you a few minutes peace? Do you gently and lovingly nudge them in the back again hoping their semi-conscious brain will pick up the “not-so-subtle” hint to move with the hopeful result of cessation of snoring (at least for another few minutes)? Do you pick up your favourite pillow and head for the not so comfortable couch thin blanket in hand?

What about another solution?

Sleep earplugs.

You may feel helpless at changing your partners snoring problem but you can take action and comfortably reduce the noise level down to a level that will be compatible with your sound sleep. A Noise Reduction Rating of NRR28, will drop the decibel level of the sound to 62 db which is as loud as a normal human speech.

If your partner’s snoring is frequent and loud you may be suffering from secondary sleep damage with your interrupted sleep pattern. You would not be alone as this is affecting millions of people. Irritability, poor concentration and poor work performance, accidents, health issues, depression, ageing, poor memory, weight gain, poor judgment and even death can be the outcome and symptoms of transient or chronic insomnia caused by poor sleep.

What are some earplug options?

  1. Disposable – cheap but may not be effective enough or comfortable enough to achieve your goal
  2. Lab-made Earplugs – re-useable and custom fitted, lower cost in the long run! 
  3. Industrial Earplugs – may have a very high noise reduction but may also filter out too much noise eliminating your ability to hear voices, crying babies, alarm clocks or smoke detectors to name a few.

Looks Like Option 2 is your best bet! 

dB Life Sleeper

The dB Life™ Sleepers can solve this important health issue – lack of deep, uninterrupted sleep. The dB Life™dB Life Sleeper Sleepers are custom fit to the individual wearer for maximum comfort using Skinsoft™ medical grade silicone. The dB Life™ Sleepers allow the wearer to place their head on a pillow without the discomfort of pressure points caused by the protector. They will not come out during sleep. The wearer can still hear alarm clocks, fire alarms, smoke detectors and buzzers. Also available in a vented model for non-sleeping situations where you need inconspicuous hearing protection with enhanced communication.

dB Life Features

  • Achieves an NRR rating of 24 (Method A1 – Vented) and 27 (Method A – Solid)
  • The smallest hearing protector available
  • Inconspicuous in the ear
  • Cast retained for 5 years to facilitate reordering lost protectors
  • Available in solid for sleeping
  • Available in vented which enables communication
  • Solid protectors are phosphorescent so they glow in the dark

dB Life Benefits

  • Comfortable to sleep with in any position
  • Ideal for shift workers because they allow the wearer to have an undisturbed sleep which makes them safer on the job
  • Spouses are able to sleep through the night without annoyance or interruption
  • Persons who work with the general public such as servers, bartenders, flight attendants and emergency response personnel can protect their hearing without appearing to shut out the public.
  • Easy to find in a darkened room

dB Life Pricing

dB Blocker™, dB Com™ and dB Life™  are much less expensive to use than disposable earplugs or muffs. The cost per month for dB Blocker™ is lower because you can wear them for 5 years. Ask us to show you how dB Blocker™ can be a cost effective solution for your hearing protection needs.

What is the cost to you of lack of sleep and stressed relationship in comparison to the value of a deep, sound and restful sleep?

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  1. Irene R. Johnson

    HELP!!!! I can’t sleep with my dogs and husband who snore like a three freight trains running ALL NIGHT. I have tried all the store bought ear plugs, none of them work. Do these really block out snoring!?

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