Lakeside Industries wins National Award for Safety Innovation with the help of dB Blockers™

April 5, 2016

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada April 5, 2016

ProtectEar USA, is excited to formally congratulate Lakeside industries Inc. for being awarded a National Award for Safety Innovation for their successful implementation of hearing safety initiatives in the workplace. The hearing technology that contributed to Lakesides hearing safety initiatives is Custom Protect Ears’ flagship product, dB Blockers™. ProtectEar USA are the Exclusive Licensed Distributors of dB Blockers™ in the USA.  dB Blockers™ are known for their “Smart Hearing” technology especially where interpersonal communication is required. Lakeside employs a dedicated, quality control staff that is supported by more than a dozen in-house testing laboratories.

Cal Beyer, Director of Risk Management for Lakeside Industries Inc., states “We describe safety as a core value, rather than say ‘safety is our top priority.

The Award was granted by The National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA). The National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) recognizes the development and implementation of innovative ideas that lead to improved worker safety in a roadway work zone, plant site, or quarry environment, and companies whose safety practices go above and beyond normal safety practices.

Lakeside Industries took a unique approach to protecting the hearing of its workers while on and off the job. The company first began baseline audiogram testing in 1996 and has continued the annual practice each year since.

In the past Lakeside tried a number of hearing protection devices that were not custom-fitted and allowed for too much background noise causing many employees to remove them.  In 2011, Lakeside introduced dB Blockers™ which were custom fitted for the Lakeside field employees, such as the asphalt paving and grading crews, asphalt production and plant maintenance crews, commercial drivers, mechanics, and minors.

“Our employees have embraced this form of hearing protection more than any other form of hearing protection,” Beyer said. He said many employees praise its ease of use, effectiveness, superior quality, and comfort.

dB Blockers™ can be worn for a complete shift and workers are able to hear traffic or directions from colleagues without the need to remove them to talk on the phone, eat, or relieve ear pressure, unlike disposable hearing protection

The innovative dB Blocker, hearing protection, was a real success and a win, win for both the company and the employees.  The Lakeside employees were delightfully satisfied with their new hearing protection devices along with Lakesides’ commitment to their hearing safety. Lakeside Industries bold approach of protecting their workers hearing allowed them to stand out within their industry as well as rewarded them for their innovation to Safety.

ProtectEar USA and CPE Team receiving the National Award for Safety Innovation with Lakeside Industries.
Lakeside Award

Click here to read Lakeside Industries Press Release.


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