How Can I Protect My Hearing?

August 12, 2016

You don’t have to have the hearing of a 50 year old by the time you’re 25. It’s up to you to protect your hearing!

Identify noisy tasks

around your farm and shop that may be harmful to your hearing.

Wear hearing protection

at all times whenever you are exposed to loud noise.

Make hearing protection convenient

Stash earplugs in your pockets every morning when you grab your cell phone and keys. Hang canal caps or muffs on your tractor steering wheel, combine and lawn mower.

Reduce equipment noise by replacing worn, loose or unbalanced machine parts.

Keep equipment well lubricated and maintained. If you have been meaning to replace that loud tractor muffler, do it now.


Limit your exposure to loud noise.

Stay away from noisy equipment if you don’t need to be near it. Keep cab doors and windows closed.

Have your hearing tested by a health care provider if you or someone else suspects a problem.

Your family or friends may be the first to notice that your hearing is slipping.

Keep children away from noisy areas and equipment.

The best protectors are the ones you will wear all the time you are around loud noise.

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