Industrial hearing loss

September 6, 2016

What symptoms should you look for when it comes to industrial hearing loss?Industrial Hearing loss

Often those with hearing loss are the last to know! Do you have a slight concern that maybe your hearing is deteriorating and that you may not be able to hear quite as well as you once did? If you have ever been exposed to loud noises that “hurt” your ears either at work, home or recreationally you most likely have exposed yourself to hearing loss damage. What symptoms should you look for when it comes to industrial hearing loss?

  • Tinnitus or a “ringing in the ears” can be one of the first signs that damage may be occurring. If you have noticed this following exposure to loud noises or loud noises that occur close by you should be aware that this is one of the first symptoms for most people that this noise exposure is risking your ability to fully hear.

  • On the job are your co-workers or supervisors showing frustration having to repeat instructions or feeling like you are not understanding communications they are giving you verbally? Do you feel like people are speaking too softly or their speech is muffled? If others are able to hear but you are not, maybe it is time to examine hearing loss

  • Often it is certain frequencies of sound that are most affected. You may be able to hear low pitched sounds such as a deep male voice but maybe a woman’s or child voice at a higher pitch is more difficult for you to hear. Trouble hearing consonant sounds can also be symptomatic. Being aware that these are symptoms of hearing loss can be helpful in recognizing it.

  • In places with lots of background noise such as restaurants or busy workplaces do you find it more difficult to follow a conversation or hear instructions? Find out more about Custom Hearing Protection Devices

  • Do you feel more stressed in conversations because you are straining to hear what is being said?

  • Do you find yourself avoiding large gatherings or dreading meetings because you have difficulty understanding conversations or instructions? Find out more about 2 way communications devices. 

  • Do you routinely turn up the volume on radio’s, TV’s or ear phones because you simply cannot hear at lower volumes as well as others in the room?

  • Do you find yourself frequently asking someone to repeat what they have said or asking them to speak more slowly or clearly so that you can understand them?

    Hearing Loss

How many of these symptoms of hearing loss ring true to you? Take the time to understand how the symptoms of hearing loss may affect you and be open to investigating screening for hearing loss and also protecting one of your most valuable senses.

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