HOW TO WEAR THE dB Blockers™

September 20, 2016
 Only dB Blockers offer superior hearing protection while enabling workers to communicate clearly with each other.


dB Blockers™ offer “The Smartest Hearing Protection in the World” especially where interpersonal communication is required. dB Blockers™ are custom fit to each individual wearer for maximum comfort and are made from SkinsoftT medical silicone. dB Blockers™ are particularly suited for industrial applications where communication between individuals is desired. These hearing protectors can be worn for a complete shift, without the need to remove it to talk on the phone, eat or relieve pressure. A must for all hearing conservation programs.

How to Wear dB Blockers™

Break-In Period

Please note that there is a “break in” period. The first 10 times you wear them, apply a light coating of lubrication prior to inserting.

The Hearing Protection Device should only be worn for 2 hours the first day. This time may be increased by two hours each day for the following week. It is important to lubricate the The Hearing Protection Device with CPE lubricant for the first 10 times they are worn or after washing.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Follow the step-by-step diagrams for a comfortable, secure fit. You may need to alternate between your new custom dB Blockers and your old ear plugs during this limited period until the fit is comfortable.


Ears ChangeIndustrial Hearing loss

You must refit your dB Blockers™ every five years or if your weight changes 10 pounds or more.
DUE TO PRESSURE CHANGES DO NOT USE NON-VENTED dB Blockers™ WHEN FLYING OR SCUBA DIVING. We have models for this and since we have your fitting. Contact us to order.

For Removal

Gently break the seal by removing the helix (B) and rotating forward.

See our video to learn how to wear your dB Blockers™

Remember * dB Blockers ™ are the hearing protectors you can hear through. 

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