Hearing Protection You Can Hear Through: Communication

July 12, 2018

Good communication is critical in every workplace.

But communicating can be challenging at a noisy job sites, where it’s necessary to protect workers’ hearing. Disposable hearing protectors, when properly inserted, block much of the sound, rendering users functionally deaf. To converse, In order to have a conversation, the earplugs must first be removed. This leaves the workers exposed to harmful noise levels, which can damage their hearing.


Our Solution: dB Com™

At Custom Protect Ear, we address this problem. That’s why we developed our super-comfortable dB Blockers, re-usable, personalized custom-fit earplugs which protect AND connect, through our proprietary “frequency tuned”, or “FT” filters.

Developed specifically for noisy industrial sites that demand frequent communication, these FT filters block background noise while letting speech frequencies pass through, amplifying the speaker’s voice by 3 decibels. The users actually hear speech better with dB Blockers in, then by taking them out.

Safety, compliance, and productivity go up while the risk of miscommunication falls.

dB Blockers can also be connected to numerous communication devices, including two-way radios, Bluetooth cell phones, and portable audio components. This further reduces the need to remove dB Blockers, so employees can hear…be heard…and stay protected for their entire shift. In conclusion, only dB Blockers allow you to communicate while leaving protection in your ears.


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