dB Blockers Want You to Protect your Hearing this Summer

July 23, 2019

Every season brings about new and traditional events that are mainly planned around weather and special occasions.

Summer is one season where people cannot get enough of outdoor activities such as swimming, motorcycling, outdoor music festivals, fire works and celebrations.  All these summer adventures come with some risk to a person’s hearing health. It is no secret that Summer months are generally the peak season for noise pollution.



People needing their Vitamin D and fresh air add to the heightened noise we encounter during this time. Other common activities contributing to noise pollution are:

  • Construction sites are more active
  • Paving and road maintenance typically done during the good weather
  • Increased traffic around common gathering areas
  • Outdoor Music events
  • Public gatherings in parks and recreation areas
  • Sports venues
  • Longer daylight hours that keep people active later


Summer Hearing Protection

As North America’s largest personalized industrial custom hearing protector manufacturer, hearing conservation is our only business. Custom Protect Ear (CPE) cares about hearing health for workers and individuals alike.   

So, to better equip you for a noisy summer, we wanted to share some of our favourite hearing protection styles:


dB Life™ Sweet Tones Musicians Earpieces

dB Life™ Sweet Tones Musicians Earpieces

Great for those outdoor concerts

dB Life™ Sweet Tones Musicians Earpieces are hearing protectors that reduce all frequencies equally by 9 dB, 15 dB or 25 dB with corresponding Flat Attenuation Filters. It is designed for musicians or concertgoers who want to hear music without distortion but with less volume.

dB Life™ Swimmers


Great for swimming in oceans,  lakes and pools

The dB Life™ Swimmers are ear plugs designed for individuals who wish to avoid getting water in their ears. They are made from a special formula of silicones, custom blended to allow them to float. Note: This is not a hearing protector.


dB Life™ All Sport – Earpiece and Headset

Great for biking, hiking, cycling or just working out

The dB Life™ All Sport earpieces and headset are designed to be comfortably worn under a helmet. Whether biking, skiing, snow boarding, cycling or pumping iron, ALLSPORT™ products offer the noise isolation and comfort of the dB Life™ custom earpiece and high-fidelity stereo sound from your digital music player (iPod compatible) or bike sound system.

dB Life™ Sleepers – Vented or Non-Vented

dB Blocker Discreet Non VenteddB Blocker Discreet vented

Great for Traveling and or Camping

The dB Life™ Sleepers are is much quieter than exposing your ears to the noise you are trying to sleep in.  Sleepers reduce the ambient sound about 20 dB.  They still let you hear the smoke alarm, telephone, clock radio alarm, and baby crying.  We wouldn‘t want it any other way.

dB Life™ Discreet Vented

dB Blocker Discreet custom fit hearing protection are a low profile option where conversation is also required. Used in hospitality and air travel where noise is an issue.

dB Blocker™ Classic Vented


Great for everyday wear in noisy environments!

The dB Blocker™ Classic Vented and filtered hearing protector (earplug) is designed for situations where interpersonal conversation in noise is required without removing the protector.

So there you have it – these are some of our favorite hearing protection devices that allow people to get through the summer without  incurring damage to their hearing. We also carry hearing protection for Security and Industrial sectors as well as communication devices.

Learn more about Custom Protect Ear’s Hearing Protection Products 

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