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Convertible Vented


The dB Blocker™ Convertible Vented offers the same protection as the Classic Vented with the additional convenience of a detachable cord. The dB Blocker™ Convertible Vented attaches easily to various radio cords for seamless integration with radios while conserving hearing.



The dB Blocker™ Convertible is a hearing protector that is actually comfortable to wear. Most hearing damage arises when an ear plug is removed for conversation and comfort. dB Blockers™ are made to fit the individual’s ear exactly and stay in place without pressuring the ear so comfort is not an issue. This gives the worker a product that provides effective hearing protection and stays in the ear all day long.


The dB Blocker™ Convertible contains a proprietary frequency-tuned filter that enhances interpersonal communication. In fact, people can communicate in noise better while wearing their dB Blockers™ than if they were to remove them. They can also be integrated with radio communication devices.


With a comfortable fit and the ability to communicate with a dB Blocker™ in place, workers will comply with the Hearing Loss Prevention Program. This protection can be worn for a complete shift, without the need to remove it to communicate, eat lunch, or relieve pressure. Anytime a hearing protector is removed, even for a short period of time, you are exposed to damaging noise. Noise exposure is cumulative.

The Vented dB Blocker™ Convertible provides:

  • A high level of work place hearing protection
  • Less noise induced stress leading to fewer accidents and reduced absenteeism
  • The convenience of a detachable cord


dB Blockers™  are much less expensive to use than disposable earplugs or muffs. You can save up to 60% over 5 years on a program when an entire facility is fit. The cost per month for dB Blockers™ is lower because you can wear them for 5 years. Ask us to show you how dB Blockers™ can be a cost effective solution for your hearing protection needs.

Client Care

At Custom Protect Ear we provide specific warranty’s for our customers: FitRight Guarantee & Product Warranty

Recommended Uses

  • Any industrial application
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Glass plants (hot end)
  • Motorcycle riding
  • Shooting / target practice
  • Welding

The use of this hearing protector is not limited to the above applications.

Additional Benefits:

  • Achieves an NRR rating of 26 (Method A1) and 21.4 (Method B2).
  • Custom molded to each employee.
  • Exclusive filtered vent.
  • Cast retained for 5 years to facilitate reordering lost protectors.
  • Optional permanent cord attachments with collar clip.
  • Coloured exterior makes them easier to find if dropped and allows managers to see if employees are wearing them at a glance around the plant floor.
  • Optional employee ID numbers for easy identification.
  • Protectors can be made detectible by a metal detector.


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