ProtectionPlus™ is an insurance program that reduces the cost of replacing lost dB Blockers™ to just a deductible. Since the concern of some, with regard to a dB Blocker™ program, is the cost of replacing lost protectors, ProtectionPlus™ quantifies this cost. With ProtectionPlus™ you know your program costs up front.

ProtectionPlus™ is a five year worker specific insurance policy renewable annually. Each year, a schedule of the workers originally fit and still employed by the company is the basis for calculating the total premium for the ensuing year. At the end of five years, everyone insured is eligible for a refit for just an administrative fee (a fraction of the cost of new protectors). The plan is non-transferable and applies only to those employees initially fit. The plan applies only to the dB Blockers™ and does not cover any additional equipment, like dB Com™ communication cords or components, added to the protectors or any specialty products purchased with the dB Blockers™.

What’s the PLUS of ProtectionPlus™?

The PLUS is new protectors at the end of 5 years. The Protection controls your company’s share of the hearing protection program costs. Implementing this insurance coverage protects the company from:

  • Uncontrolled costs of replacing dB Blocker™ hearing protection because of loss.
  • Uncontrolled costs of replacing dB Blockers™ hearing protection because of weight loss or gain.
  • Substantially reduces the cost of replacing damaged or stolen dB Blockers™.
  • Freezes the cost of refitting your work force with dB Blockers™ (experientially an increase of 3% per year).
  • Provides all of the above PLUS 10 years of dB Blocker™ hearing protection for less than your current disposable earplugs cost.
  • In fact, the insurance costs very little more than the cost of the hearing protectors themselves spread over 5 years.

Regardless of when your employee loses their dB Blockers™ or how many of your employees lose their dB Blockers™, ProtectionPlus™ will replace them for only a small deductible.

This versatile program is available to groups encompassing 50 or more employees wearing dB Blockers™ and fit at the same time. New hires can be added to the program by paying up the premiums to get them equal to the original group.

If you have dB Blockers™ and want to enroll or get more information about ProtectionPlus™, click here to complete the form.

ProtectionPlus™ Waiver (50K pdf)
ProtectionPlus™ Application (51K pdf)

dB Blocker™ Plus: get all the benefits of Rent2Protect with the added security of ProtectionPlus™. For more information, please download ProtectionPlus™ (94K pdf).

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