dB Com™ Filtered Covert Earpiece

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A CPE patented filtered communication earpiece that secures a 2-way radio speaker in your ear. The wearer can hear the radio and what is going on around them. The Filtered Covert earpiece has a proprietary volume-limiting filter to prevent noise over

exposure and eventual hearing loss from 2way radio squawk. Its clear color makes the Filtered Covert earpiece barely noticeable and its construction makes it virtually indestructible.

Filtered Covert Headpiece

dB Com™ Ultralite

The Ultralite a product to take in-coming radio communication from the speaker mic directly to the ear. This  over-the-ear communication cord set provides clear, reliable sound. Ideal for moderate noise situations (up to 95 dBA ambient) where rugged, reliable communications are required.

Uses either a CPE Filtered Covert or the Convertible- Y Vented earpiece below. Length 22″ relaxed and 32″ extended.

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