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dB Life™ Sleepers are custom fit to the individual wearer for maximum comfort using Skinsoft™ medical grade silicone. The dB Life™ Sleepers are our smallest hearing protection device, appearing inconspicuous in the ear, perfect for persons who need to interact with the general public in noisy environments. The wearer can clearly discern speech from noise, as well as hear alarm clocks, fire alarms, smoke detectors and buzzers.


  • The smallest hearing protector available
  • Inconspicuous in the ear
  • Cast retained for 5 years to facilitate reordering lost protectors
  • Vent enables enhanced communication
  • Achieves an NRR rating of 24 (Method A1 – Vented)


  • Comfortable, discreet hearing protection
  • Vent enables enhanced communication in noisy environments
  • Persons who work with the general public such as servers, bartenders, flight attendants and emergency response personnel can protect their hearing without appearing to shut out the public.


dB Blocker™, dB Com™ and dB Life™  are much less expensive to use than disposable earplugs or muffs. You can save up to 60% over 5 years on a program when an entire facility is fit. The cost per month for dB Blocker™ is lower because you can wear them for 5 years. Ask us to show you how dB Blocker™ can be a cost effective solution for your hearing protection needs.

Client Care

At Custom Protect Ear we provide specific warranty’s for our customers: FitRight Guarantee & Product Warranty

Recommended Uses

  • Flight attendants
  • Bartenders / servers
  • Open plan office workers
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