Hearing Protection by Industry

Specializing in personalized ear plugs, Custom Protect Ear (CPE) has helped many individuals in various industries. CPE provides personalized ear protection that matters to both, the individual as well as the organization, because of the benefits that proper protection can offer such as:

Hearing Protection increases productivity

Only dB Blocker hearing protectors (ear plugs) use a proprietary FT Filter which allows workers to carry on conversations while wearing them.

Comfort & Hygiene

Hearing protection that is customized to fit each individual ear, dB Blockers hearing protectors (ear plugs) provide superior protection and comfort, which equates to happier workers

Lower Cost

dB Blockers hearing protectors (ear plugs) cost less than disposable: save up to 60% over foam plugs or disposables when a facility is fitted.

The sectors that use Custom Protect Ear’s hearing protection are:

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