Hello world! Its CPE!

September 7, 2010

Hello & Welcome to the CPE blog.

We”re blogging about ears. Why? Because some of you don”t hear all that well. Or per our significant others don”t listen all that well. To understand whether you want to follow this blog on a regular basis let me explain its purpose.Cheap Uggs Online

Before I do that some terminology first. We”ll refer to ourselves as CPE. That stands for Custom Protect Ear. We make “personalized hearing protection” also called custom fit earplugs. What we use to protect peoples” hearing is called dB Blockers – the dB being the abbreviation for decibel (the measure of sound pressure – the loudness of sound).Cheap Uggs Boots

We will try to make the blog entertaining, fun, and informative (how are we doing so far?). Your involvement can make it relevant, at least for you. This blog is directed at fulfilling CPE”s mission “to make a difference in reducing the incidence of Noise Induced Hearing Loss” (NIHL – another abbreviation). To that end we will try to de-mystify the world of hearing conservation and protection. We hope we can help you do a better job protecting hearing (either yours or someone elses).

So we can do a better job, we”d like to hear from you with comments and most certainly criticisms.

If you have questions, suggestions, or concerns voice them. Respond to the blog and we”ll do our best to post them with answers. OK, intro over. Well not completely. Maybe you”d like to know who I am and what my qualifications are to write this blog. OK I”m a businessman who bought a hearing protection manufacturer because I thought it would be a good business. There was no passion, no alterior motive, it was a way to make money.

Then I looked at what a poor job the industry was doing at creating ways to protect hearing that made a difference and I got bitten by a passion bug. I have become a crusader for saving ones hearing. The fact that I don”t hear so well anymore either doesn”t hurt. Bottom line? 8 years ago I thought little about earplugs and less about protecting hearing.Cheap Uggs.

Today, it resonates with me daily. I hope you”ll enjoy the blog and get something out of it. Put something into it and you”ll get more. Help me find the tone you are looking for. Let me answer the questions you have and we can take this journey together.

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