Is it safe to go outside?

September 21, 2010

Soccer’s world cup has once again focused attention on the danger to fans in the stands. I’m not talking about rowdy Soccer hooligans or overly committed bare chested Green Bay Packer devotees. No this is damage we are doing to ourselves and most of us don’t know about it.

Hearing damage is a permanent condition. As much as they have advanced, and they have advanced, hearing aids are a substitute for normal hearing that does not match the real thing. Ears are truly magnificent devices.Cheap Uggs For Sale

Two bad we only grow one set.

We can share the science with you but the fact is the Vuvuzellas have probably damaged more hearing during the world cup than has happened in all the workplaces in South Africa in the last number of years.

These noise levels are toxic.

Bill Hodgetts and Richard Liu From the Departments of Speech Pathology and Audiology (Hodgetts) and of Otolaryngology (Liu), University of Alberta in Edmonton did some noise measurement during a NHL playoff game between the Edmonton Oilers and the Carolina Hurricanes in 2006. What they found was “In terms of projected noise dose, each person in the arena not wearing hearing protection received about 8100% of their daily allowable noise dose. Given that most fans do not wear hearing protection during hockey games, thousands are at risk for hearing damage”.Cheap Uggs Outlet.

And it is not just Soccer in S.A. or hockey in Edmonton. The 13th man in Seattle at Seahawks games, hockey games, rock concerts, NASCAR events, air shows, and on and on are all exposed to toxic levels of noise that damage, permanently damage hearing.   It kind of makes you want to say, “Huh, what did you say?”

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