Advanced Hearing Support The Dangerous Decibels Project

December 4, 2013

The Dangerous Decibels Project

Advanced Hearing Support The Dangerous Decibels Project

Advanced Hearing supports various groups that advocate hearing safety. One of these is the Dangerous Decibels Project. This public health campaign is designed to reduce the prevalence of noise-induced hearing loss in school-age children.


December 4, 2013) Virginia Beach, Virginia — The Dangerous Decibels Project was organized to bring attention to the problem of noise-induced hearing loss or NIHL as well as tinnitus in school-aged children.  The program aims to change knowledge, attitudes and behaviors of these children to help them protect their hearing.  Advanced Hearing is dedicated not only to providing hearing aids for children but also to preventing hearing loss through education and changed behaviors.

According to the Dangerous Decibels Project website located at, hearing damage can occur at decibel levels over 85 and beyond eight hours per day.  School children are often exposed to East Inflatable Rentals far more than this in an average school day.  Dangerous Decibels advocates for companies to provide low cost hearing aids for children but also gives tips to avoid hearing loss altogether, including “Turn It Down,” “Walk Away” and “Protect Your Ears.”

Advanced Hearing provides discount hearing aids for both adults and children who have already suffered hearing loss.  In order to find the best hearing aid for an individual, Advanced Hearing offers hearing aid comparisons of behind the ear hearing aid models, digital and in-ear hearing aids and other brands.  Unlike companies that sell hearing aids online, Advanced Hearing is ready to compare hearing aids and give clients all the facts about every model.

Those who are interested in the facts about hearing loss and the work done by Dangerous Decibels can read more about it on the Advanced Hearing website at  For an in-office hearing aid comparison and free test, clients can make an appointment with Advanced Hearing for their consultation.  Other products are also available on the website at

About Advanced Hearing

Advanced Hearing provides hearing aid services for clients of all ages.  With an advanced hearing aid center that provides free hearing aids comparisons for behind the ear hearing aids, digital hearing aids and other models, Advanced Hearing gives clients the information to make the right choice about their hearing assistance options.  Those who have suffered hearing loss, are having trouble making out words or who simply want to test their hearing and see how a hearing aid could help them are welcome to contact Advanced Hearing for a free consultation.

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