Fort McMurray – A State of Emergency

May 6, 2016

Please help Fort McMurray – A State of Emergency

Custom Protect Ear is appealing to our employees, their families and their friends to support our fund raising efforts to help those devastated by the wild fires raging in northern Alberta. Not only is it a state of emergency – but a national disaster. Reports continue to come in speaking of the thousands and thousands of Canadians who have lost everything in the uncontrolled wild fires attacking Fort McMurray and the surrounding areas. Unspoken tallies on homes, businesses and emergency services have been severely damaged while residents are escaping with only the shirts on their backs.

We are raising money through The Red Cross to help in whatever way possible to ease some of the burden this destruction has already caused and is continuing to cause. For every dollar donated by the Custom Protect Family we will see to it that each dollar multiplies up to six times to help those of our fellow Canadians in need — one dollar donated equals $6 delivered.

Did you know that your private donation to the Red Cross will be matched by the Alberta government, and the federal government will match all private donations made to the Red Cross to help the thousands of people who have been displaced by the wildfires in the Fort McMurray area?

Your $1 will grow 4 times. Get creative and raise some dollars for our fellow

Canadians in need.

Click Here to Donate

Please join us – Your contribution will make a difference.

Howard Raphael
President & CEO
Custom Protect Ear

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