Happy Canada Day from CPE !

July 1, 2016

Happy Canada Day!

July 1st Celebrations for Canada Day is here. Are you prepared? Do you have your BBQ ready for the summer backyard celebrations? Is your cooler stocked? Your Canadian flags flying?

Are you also prepared to protect your hearing when the fireworks begin? A firecracker going off in close proximity can have a decibel level of 145 dB, loud enough to cause immediate damage to your hearing! What about a popping balloon at 125 dB or crowded stadium or concert noise at 130 – 140 dB where damage can appear in as little as 1-4 seconds with no hearing protection.


Do you have plans that include young children attending a fireworks display? Make sure you protect their hearing as well as your own or other adults in attendance so you can continue to enjoy July 1st celebrations for many years to come.

Canada bday

Bring out your dB Blocker™ hearing protection for your whole family and tell your friends as well. They will thank you to the stars and back… or where those starburst fireworks 😉


Happy Canada Day from all of us at CPE – Custom Protect Ear.

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